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My early training included traditional Catholic and Graduate School education followed by an immersion in Spiritual/Sacred Sexual Temple Practices. After Apprenticeship and becoming Dakini Certified through intense instruction from top notch Daka/Shaman spiritual and sacred sexual healers, I have mastered the practical experience to lovingly work with singles and couples seeking transformation and hands-on instruction. Awaken the energy within you, invest in yourself and your relationship(s) and book a session now!

Most of my sessions are booked in Temple yet I am open to meet you in the privacy of your own space if preferred and you are a repeat client. Please contact me or book through my website when you are ready to experience a deep transformation.
My home base is beautiful Sedona, Arizona yet I do travel frequently to meet clients and seekers around the world while enjoying the sites and smells of what the world presents me with. Be sure to check out my tour dates and my read all about my adventures on my blog.

What is a Dakini?
Originating in Ancient Tibet, the word “Dakini” means “female skydancer” or “one who revels in space.” This was an honorary title given to women who had the rare ability to help people instantly connect to spirit through their embodiment of divine feminine energy. In the presence of a Dakini, people would become spontaneously “awakened” and set free of the masks and pretenses that disempowered them. This initiation would enable them to connect with states of divine union and bliss that they had always longed to experience.

Modern day Dakinis exist, but they are few and far between. Training to become a Dakini involves years, and even lifetimes, of rigorous spiritual practice and service. This training cannot be achieved solely by attending workshops or reading books. A Dakini must learn, through life’s challenges and tests, how to embrace divine feminine energy without resistance.

Some people use the term “Dakini” to describe themselves without having this training and experience, and are not able to transmit the energy that authentic Dakinis are known for. That’s why it is important to discern carefully when choosing a practitioner. A true Dakini does not teach tantric practices indiscriminately because she understands the potential danger of engaging in them without the necessary physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual preparation. She takes time to explore and heal any relationship or sexual challenges before introducing you to tantric practices.

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